Our Aim

Our aim is to provide our ;Clients with the cheapest fees and the fastest and most Client focused service of any fire engineering business in Australia using Cloud based technology and the most innovative Alternative Solutions to make your building comply with the BCA. And we will save you money.


How do we do this?

We use a combination of cloud based technologies and verified fire engineering tools to enable us to seemlessly communicate and share our design work throughout the design team, which gives our Clients the fastest service possible. This allows us to work anywhere in Australia and is just one of the ways we save our Clients time and money.

Also, we pride ourselves on having no share-holders, executives, office staff, secretaries, expensive city office space, fancy stationary, or other overheads that the other companies have. The fire engineer who does the work gets the fee, and our hourly rates are much less than that charged by the bigger companies;


How do I know this?

I've worked for some of the other companies, from small scale consultancies to the multi-nationals with 45,000+ employees that are proud of their Fortune 500 listing on the New York Stock Exchange. These companies pay their engineers the same as I charge you, but they charge their employees out at 3 or more times the hourly rate they pay thier employees.


Do I have the know-how and experience to go it alone?

Well, I've got almost 30 years experience in the fire industry, including over 20 years as a professional fire-fighter with the N.S.W. Fire Brigades, 5 years experience in Regulatory roles providing professional advice to fire engineers, Building Certifiers, Councils, Government Offices, Fire Brigades, and the general public, plus over 5 years experience with large consultancies working as the lead Fire Engineer on many large and mid-sized projects.


Can our competitors match us?

Not on price or time.


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